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  • Open Water Prodution

    Hi there Are there any historical (or current) water production datasets available to download? Similar to the crude oil production data with the field and reservoir for every 6...
    10 hours ago
  • Open Community Housing of Brisbane as a MAP

    Please provide a map (not CSV file) of all community housing including housing commission, rehab accommodation, low income and all other associated housing for the Brisbane...
    14 hours ago
  • Open July 2019 Open Data Monthly Statistics

    Hi There - I was wondering when the July 2019 Open Data Statistics will be available for download? I am a reporting officer for the Queensland State Archives and compile this...
    1 day ago
  • Open Koala Hospital Data

    Koala Hospital data report is yearly , cannot find a report for the period March 2017 onwards
    8 days ago
  • Open Crash data up to June 2019

    I received an email notification that the traffic crash data had been updated but no data has been added. The crash data is currently from 2000 - June 2018. When will the crash...
    9 days ago
  • Closed Air quality

    I would like hourly NO2 readings from the Brisbane urban monitors for 2017 and 2018. Do you email me the dataset, or make it available somewhere for download? CSV format will...
    9 days ago
  • Closed 2016 Brisbane Household Travel Survey

    As a PhD student of the University of Queensland, I would like to make use of this data set to do research about active transport. How can I apply for this data? Thanks.
    10 days ago
  • Open Workers compensation information including contractors

    Is there data available in workers compensation data that designates if the worker involved in the case was operating as a contractor or employee when the injury occurred ? I...
    12 days ago
  • Closed Queensland Health HHS

    Hi, Is there a map of Queensland Health's Hospital and Health Service Regions (HHS) please? I can find online the federal level PHS but not the Queensland Health districts....
    14 days ago
  • Closed Petroleum and Gas Production statistics

    Are the Petroleum and Gas Production statistics available for 31 December 2018 please? Due to be released on 01/08/2019. Currently only available up to 30 June 2018 on this...
    14 days ago