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MapsOnline API

This API accesses QLD Government's MapsOnline service that integrates, summarises, presents and delivers spatially-referenced information as map and report products. Responses are returned via the specified email address once processed. There are supporting functions that retrieve the available report and feature types.

The primary request report function has separate GET and POST end points:




  • reportType: any type in getReportTypes

  • featureType: any type in getFeatureTypes

  • features: any valid feature, e.g. a coordinate as -27,150, a lot plan as 1,RP1 or GeoJson. Geometries must fall within Queensland and have a total bounding box of less than 200,000km2. Multiple pipe seperated features can be included in a single request, e.g. -27,150|-26,149|-23,148

  • emailAddress: any valid email address

  • customerReference: (optional) - include your own file reference

Example Valid Request,RP1&

    message: "Report Requested",
    message_code: "success",
    output: [ ],
    status: 200,
    success: true

Example Invalid Request,-27&

    message: "Report request failed",
    message_code: "input_validation",
    output: [
        "Coordinates outside of Queensland"
    status: 200,
    success: false

BioMaps and WetlandMaps provide map interfaces to request some reports available in this API

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