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  • State Library of Queensland - Licensed victuallers Index Popular

    20 recent views 358 total views
    The names of holders of victuallers’ licenses (publicans) were printed in the Queensland Government Gazette from 1901 to 1914 on an annual basis. This index lists information...
  • State Library of Queensland - British convict transportation registers Popular

    47 recent views 2319 total views
    This dataset contains details for convicts transported to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries including Name of convict, including any known aliases Place of trial Term of...
  • Historical cadastral map series—Queensland Popular

    493 recent views 32145 total views
    Collection of digitised maps over Queensland at various scales 1841–2005, including cadastral maps which show property boundaries, property descriptions and land tenure, and...
  • Miners Rights and Warden's Collections (Palmer Goldfields) 1874-1880

    5 recent views 113 total views
    Registers of miners' rights issued and of Warden's collections generally. Nov 1874 - Nov 1880. Extracts from a Mining Warden's register showing business licences issued at...
  • Writs 1857-2008 Popular

    12 recent views 209 total views
    Civil actions brought before the Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane. Includes divorce files 1894-1961. The file on each case contains the writ of summons and associated...
  • Road and Bridge Job Files 1861-2017

    4 recent views 116 total views
    This series contains the microfilmed engineering drawings and other miscellaneous drawings of works, and other sundry items, undertaken by the Land Survey section of the...
  • Marine Infrastructure and Vessels 1860-2006 Popular

    10 recent views 108 total views
    This series comprises drawings of Queensland harbour infrastructure, including wharves, jetties, breakwaters, harbour roadworks and drainage, harbour buildings, storage, cranes...
  • Sugar Exemptions 1922-1923

    4 recent views 137 total views
    This series consists of a register kept by the Agriculture and Stock Department of Certificates of Exemptions granted (or refused) to Aliens under the Sugar Cultivation Act of...
  • Hydrographic Charts 1802-2013

    7 recent views 145 total views
    This series comprises hydrographic charts prepared by the Harbours and Rivers Department and its successors, as well as the British Admiralty, Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy...
  • Historical topographic map series—Queensland Popular

    262 recent views 8897 total views
    Collection of digitised topographic maps over Queensland at various scales 1886–2012, which show graphic representations of features including relief, hydrography, vegetation,...
  • Historical flood map series—Queensland Popular

    333 recent views 13057 total views
    Collection of flood and inundation maps over Queensland at various scales 1893-1974, these show flood levels and probable inundation areas at various flood heights. A number of...
  • Queensland Museum collection of historical objects

    2 recent views 352 total views
    A list of historical objects in the Queensland Museum including classification, measurements, materials, production place, primary maker, object type and photograph of the object.
  • Historical exploration map series—Australia Popular

    19 recent views 1060 total views
    Collection of digitised early exploration maps relating to Australia. Note: The CSV includes basic metadata about each map in the series and a URL to access a high resolution...
  • Historical orthophoto map series—Queensland Popular

    85 recent views 4632 total views
    Collection of digitised orthophoto maps over Queensland at various scales 1975–1996. An orthophoto map displays traditional map contours over an aerial photograph base. The...

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