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  • Late Payment - Department of Education Popular

    21 recent views 1032 total views
    Quarterly reports on the late payments made by the Department of Education.
  • Information Technology—DoE Popular

    33 recent views 1492 total views
    Information about services provided by the Department of Education's Information and Technologies Branch.
  • Full-time students by government and non-government sector, by school level, ...

    5 recent views 508 total views

    This dataset has no description

  • Queensland non-state schools Popular

    32 recent views 3065 total views
    Non-state schools are partly funded by the state government, the Commonwealth and through private income. This dataset provides information about the state government funded...
  • Corporate procurement—DoE

    8 recent views 1291 total views
    Corporate procurement relates to purchasing and procurement governance; establishing and managing supply arrangements; providing procurement services to clients and providing...
  • Home education registrations Popular

    15 recent views 1616 total views
    Home education registrations active as at August by postcode, age and gender with a 5-year time series.
  • School Inspectors' Reports 1974-1991

    8 recent views 153 total views
    This series comprises District Inspectors' reports on schools, copies of which were kept by the Department of Public Instruction (after 1957 known as the Department of...
  • Next Step post-school destination surveys Popular

    21 recent views 1649 total views
    Annual suite of surveys that identify the study and work destinations of young people after leaving school in Queensland. Data includes results from the Next Step survey of...
  • Training expenditure

    3 recent views 892 total views
    Information about funding provided to the Queensland further education and training sector to support Queenslanders to access and complete the skills training they need to get a...
  • Training organisations Popular

    47 recent views 4664 total views
    Registered training organisations are training providers delivering training courses accredited by the State or National Vocational Education and Training Regulator.
  • Non-State School Audit Information

    5 recent views 418 total views
    Non-state school audits.
  • Non-State School and Governing Body Details

    9 recent views 523 total views
    Details of non-state schools (including location, type of education and year level range), eligibility for Government funding and details of governing bodies.
  • Accreditation of Non-State Schools

    2 recent views 320 total views
    A range of datasets relating to accreditation including accreditation applications, assessments, cyclic reviews, show cause, compliance, cancellations and complaints about...
  • Non-State School Enrolment Information Popular

    28 recent views 2218 total views
    Non-state school enrolments by full-time, part-time, overseas, English as a second language, indigenous status, boarding and students with disabilites.
  • State school count Popular

    24 recent views 1421 total views
    A count of Queensland state schools by year, category, region, local government area and Education Queensland zone.
  • Queensland state schools—geographic information Popular

    108 recent views 9431 total views
    Geographical information about Queensland state school locations and catchment boundaries.
  • State and non-state school details Popular

    193 recent views 4245 total views
    A list of Queensland state and non-state schools, including address, phone number, web address, and latitude and longitude.
  • Printable 3D model of a block of Ammonite

    5 recent views 113 total views
    The printable 3D model of a block of Ammonite in OBJ format. The block of Ammonite is from the Queensland Museum Geosciences collection.
  • Printable 3D model of an Ichthyosaur paddle

    3 recent views 104 total views
    The printable 3D model of an Ichthyosaur paddle in OBJ format. The Ichthyosaur paddle is from the Queensland Museum Geosciences collection.
  • Printable 3D model of an Ammonite

    6 recent views 145 total views
    The printable 3D model of an Ammonite in OBJ format. The Ammonite is from the Queensland Museum Geosciences collection.

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