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Maps and geospatial

  • Nature refuges and coordinated conservation areas

    4 recent views 1143 total views
    Nature Refuge boundaries are primarily defined using DCDB parcels, with GPS data collected for partial boundaries. Boundaries following creeks or irregular boundaries are...
  • Mainland - Queensland

    4 recent views 347 total views
    This dataset depicts the land extent of continental Queensland. The boundary of the area shown coincides with the Coastline and State Border - Queensland dataset.Attributes...
  • Large area features - Queensland

    3 recent views 288 total views
    This dataset shows the extent and names of Deserts, Downs, Peninsulas, Isthmus and Tablelands and also named Natural Regions within the State of Queensland such as the Channel...
  • Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Competition Venues

    4 recent views 2076 total views
    The competition venues for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).
  • Flood imagery Brisbane January 2011 by locality series Popular

    314 recent views 5081 total views
    This high resolution colour imagery was captured proximal to peak flood water inundation of Brisbane City and its surrounding areas. The imagery was captured on the 13th and...
  • Mountain peaks and capes - Queensland Popular

    16 recent views 2243 total views
    This dataset shows the position of named Mountain Peaks and Capes within the State of Queensland. The data has been compiled from numerous sources to produce a state wide...
  • Bays - Queensland

    9 recent views 339 total views
    This dataset depicts the extent of named recesses in the shore of a sea, waterbody or watercourse. These features includes features described as Bays, Bights, Coves, Entrances,...
  • Water Regulation 2002 - s102 subartesian area - Mulgildie

    2 recent views 167 total views
    The Mulgildie Subartesian Area is a Water Declared Area under the 'Water Regulation 2002', which is subordinate legislation to the 'Water Act 2000'.
  • Water Regulation 2002 - s031 water authorities - Queensland

    8 recent views 370 total views
    Drainage Boards, Water Boards and Water Supply Boards (former 'water boards') in existence immediately before the commencement of the Water Act 2000 are continuing in existence...
  • Queensland residential land supply spatial data Popular

    18 recent views 1267 total views
    Spatial data files identifying future residential land supply on parcels larger than 2500 square metres. These files are in .tab format for use within MapInfo GIS software. To...
  • Environmental Protection Act mature regrowth

    7 recent views 712 total views
    This dataset has been derived from the dataset 'Vegetation Management Act High Value Regrowth' (version 2.1) and was created to reflect the conservation status of mature...

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