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Sciences climate

  • The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) - Daily Popular

    32 recent views 2839 total views
    Daily SOI and barometric pressure observations at Tahiti and Darwin, calculated using 1887-1989 and 1933-1992 base periods.
  • SILO climate API Popular

    19 recent views 372 total views
    SILO (Scientific Information for Land Owners) is a database of Australian climate data from 1889 (current to yesterday). It provides daily datasets for a range of climate...
  • SILO Patched Point Datasets for Queensland Popular

    25 recent views 4052 total views
    SILO (Scientific Information for Land Owners) is a daily time series of meteorological data at point locations, consisting of station records which have been supplemented by...
  • The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) - Monthly Popular

    15 recent views 1043 total views
    Calculated monthly (1887-1989 base period) SOI values from January 1876 to current.

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