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Social services community

  • Social Housing Register Popular

    186 recent views 15683 total views
    Waitlist data as at 30 June. Details of applications for social housing, including type of assistance required, program type, application date and level of assessed housing need.
  • Allocations to community housing

    7 recent views 1319 total views
    Data on allocations made to social housing delivered by registered community housing providers. Details include housing program, property and household information.
  • Home Assist Secure

    4 recent views 540 total views
    Home Assist Secure services provided to eligible households to sustain independent living.
  • State funded housing loans Popular

    22 recent views 2719 total views
    State funded home purchase assistance provided during the financial year. Includes information on the housing loan product, date and amount of assistance provided.
  • RentConnect Advisory Service

    3 recent views 1356 total views
    Information on services provided to assist clients access the private rental market
  • Vacancy maintenance and tenanting turnaround

    2 recent views 728 total views
    Data on vacancy episodes completed during the financial year, for properties in social rental housing. Includes information on vacancies due to maintenance and re-tenanting of...
  • Tenancies in government managed social rental housing Popular

    13 recent views 1420 total views
    Data on current households in government owned and managed social rental housing at 30 June. Includes information on dwelling, rental details and household characteristics.
  • National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

    7 recent views 1119 total views
    Tabulated data on number of new households assisted with the NRAS in Queensland. Information is broken down by household composition and Local Government Authority.
  • Department of Housing and Public Works - Regional Boundaries Popular

    24 recent views 2189 total views
    This file contains information on the geographic boundaries used by the Department of Housing and Public Works for the delivery of Housing Services throughout Queensland.

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