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Housing and Public Works Historical

  • Windsor Town Council Honour Roll 1914 to 1925

    3 recent views 214 total views
    This index was compiled from the Honour Roll kept by the Windsor Town Council between 1914 and 1925, and from additional soldier research completed by Queensland State Archives...
  • Road and Bridge Job Files 1861-2017

    8 recent views 121 total views
    This series contains the microfilmed engineering drawings and other miscellaneous drawings of works, and other sundry items, undertaken by the Land Survey section of the...
  • Immigration 1922 to 1940 Popular

    68 recent views 5307 total views
    This index was compiled from the Registers of passenger lists of immigrant ships as created by the Immigration Department from 1922 to 1940. Read more about these immigration...
  • List of Queensland State Archives First World War records

    8 recent views 613 total views
    This index is an extract from Queensland State Archives’ Image Queensland database of digitised records relating to the outbreak of First World War (1914-1918) and the ensuing...
  • Farm Lads 1922-1940

    4 recent views 147 total views
    Names of boys under the Farm Lads migration scheme. Names are taken from correspondence between the Immigration Agent and prospective employers, farm learners (farm lads) and...
  • Corporate School Files - Works/Facilities (Works Establishment Files) 1871-1998

    2 recent views 90 total views
    This series comprises correspondence files relating to requests, lodged by various State Schools, for supplies, requisitions, equipment and building facilities (including...
  • Marine Infrastructure and Vessels 1860-2006

    5 recent views 110 total views
    This series comprises drawings of Queensland harbour infrastructure, including wharves, jetties, breakwaters, harbour roadworks and drainage, harbour buildings, storage, cranes...
  • Passage certificates 1887 to 1906

    5 recent views 657 total views
    This index was compiled from the Register of passage certificates kept by the Sub-Immigration Agent, Warwick, recording applications by sponsors of immigrants for the period...
  • Sugar Exemptions 1922-1923

    5 recent views 140 total views
    This series consists of a register kept by the Agriculture and Stock Department of Certificates of Exemptions granted (or refused) to Aliens under the Sugar Cultivation Act of...
  • Migrant Ship and Aircraft files 1947-1976

    6 recent views 145 total views
    These files record the particulars of travel of nominated / sponsored immigrants who came to Queensland between 1947 and 1976. Each file may include: a nominal roll of assisted...
  • Hydrographic Charts 1802-2013

    3 recent views 148 total views
    This series comprises hydrographic charts prepared by the Harbours and Rivers Department and its successors, as well as the British Admiralty, Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy...
  • Australian South Sea Islanders 1867 to 1908 Popular

    32 recent views 1901 total views
    This index was compiled from a wide variety of government records detailing the administration of the South Sea Islander immigration and employment program in Queensland between...
  • Soldier Settlement ledgers 1917 to 1929 Popular

    14 recent views 645 total views
    This index was compiled from the Soldier Settlement ledgers for individual settlers from Coominya, Cecil Plains, Maria Creek and Mount Gravatt as created by the Lands Department...
  • Registers of immigrants 1882 to 1938 Popular

    35 recent views 1563 total views
    This index was compiled from a selection of registers recording immigrant arrivals at various Queensland ports, as created by the Immigration Department for the period 1882 to...
  • Oronsay immigration 1925 to 1972 Popular

    12 recent views 1055 total views
    This index of nominated and assisted immigrants was compiled from various records created by the Immigration Department and the State Migration Office relating to voyages of the...
  • Register of immigrants, Brisbane 1885 to 1917 Popular

    100 recent views 6260 total views
    This index was compiled from the Registers of immigrants per ship that landed at the Immigration Depot, Brisbane as created by the Immigration Department for the period 1885 to...
  • Passport registers 1926 to 1939 Popular

    14 recent views 911 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the passport clearance registers and the passport receipts, as created by the Immigration Department, Brisbane, recording the names of some...
  • Register of immigrants 1864 to 1878 Popular

    23 recent views 1319 total views
    This index has been compiled from the Register of immigrants recording applicant details for immigration passage certificates as registered by the Assistant Immigration Agent,...
  • St Helena prisoners 1863 to 1936 Popular

    32 recent views 1656 total views
    This index records the names of all prisoners who were held at St Helena Penal Establishment between 1863 and 1936. Read more about these St Helena records.
  • Inquests 1859 to 1902 Popular

    33 recent views 1177 total views
    This index was compiled from the inquest files created by the Justice Department for the period 1859 to 1902. The index covers inquests from all over the state. Read more about...

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