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Environment and Science CSV XLSX

  • Environmental authorities register Popular

    50 recent views 1390 total views
    The environmental authorities register lists licences issued for resource activities (mining and petroleum and gas) and prescribed activities issued under the Environmental...
  • Flying Fox Monitoring Program Popular

    15 recent views 562 total views
    This dataset describes Department of Environment and Science (DES) monitoring data for known roosts throughought Queensland by Local Government Authority, name of camp,...
  • Litter auditing data from South West Queensland Litter Prevention Pilot Project

    3 recent views 214 total views
    Litter auditing data gathered to catalogue and analyse the true extent of roadside littering in the nominated area. Data collection rounds relate to: Gathering baseline data...
  • Coastal Data System - Historical wave data Popular

    28 recent views 3202 total views
    Historically measured/calculated wave parameters. Measured and derived wave data from data collected by oceanographic wave measuring buoys anchored at locations on the...
  • Crocodiles in Queensland Popular

    23 recent views 1823 total views
    This dataset describes crocodile distribution data by species and location and CrocWatch sightings in Queensland.

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