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  • Companies 1863 to 1959 Popular

    16 recent views 405 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the Registers of Companies for the three Company Registry Districts of Queensland (Northern, Central and Southern) between 1863 and 1959.
  • Coloured and asiatic aliens in Queensland 1913

    5 recent views 669 total views
    This index was compiled from the correspondence relating to non-British subjects living in various Queensland Police Districts as kept by the Chief Secretary's Office in 1913....
  • Convict register (chronological) 1824 to 1839 Popular

    15 recent views 1088 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the Chronological register of convicts (Crown prisoners) at Moreton Bay penal settlement as kept by the Commandant's Office, Moreton Bay, from...
  • Boer War 1899 to 1902 Popular

    14 recent views 1152 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the military service and pay records of Queenslanders who served in ranks in the South African War between 1899 and 1902.
  • Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1875 to 1884 Popular

    28 recent views 1789 total views
    This index was compiled from the registers of rations issued by the Assistant Immigration Agent, Maryborough for the period 1875 to 1884.
  • Army Reservist payments 1909 to 1920

    3 recent views 120 total views
    This index was compiled from the Register of Payments made to Army Reservists, as kept by the Treasury Department Queensland, recording the names of army reservists and payments...
  • Criminal depositions 1861 to 1885 Popular

    11 recent views 414 total views
    This index has been compiled from the Registers of criminal depositions created by the Crown Solicitors Office for the period 1861 to 1885.
  • Civil servants 1866 to 1867

    4 recent views 312 total views
    This index was compiled from the personnel details of officers of the Queensland Government Public Service as taken from the returns for individual officers and public service...
  • Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1884 to 1907

    7 recent views 597 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the register of prospective nominated immigrants and from the correspondence and papers for nominated immigrations created by the Assistant...
  • Assisted immigration 1848 to 1912 Popular

    947 recent views 31369 total views
    These indexes were created from the Registers of immigrant ships’ arrivals in Queensland ports as kept and used by the Immigration Department from 1848 to 1912. Read more about...
  • Perpetual Lease Selections of soldier settlements 1917 - 1929 Popular

    12 recent views 128 total views
    This open data file lists the names of Discharged Soldier Settlers who applied for and took up Perpetual Lease Selections during the period 1917 to 1929. Information includes...
  • School Inspectors' Reports 1974-1991

    7 recent views 161 total views
    This series comprises District Inspectors' reports on schools, copies of which were kept by the Department of Public Instruction (after 1957 known as the Department of...
  • Naturalisations 1851 to 1904 Popular

    127 recent views 8660 total views
    This index was created from various records detailing the names of those who took oaths of allegiance to be naturalised as created by the Supreme Court across Queensland as well...
  • Orphanage Admissions 1865-1909 Popular

    16 recent views 121 total views
    Index to admission registers to St Vincent's Home, Nudgee; Diamantina Orphanage and the Diamantina Receiving Depot; Rockhampton Orphanage, later Rockhampton Receiving Depot; and...
  • Land orders 1861 to 1874 Popular

    18 recent views 1316 total views
    This index was compiled from several series of records relating to land orders as created by the Immigration Department between 1861 and 1874. Read more about these land orders.
  • Register of land sold 1842 to 1859

    8 recent views 575 total views
    This index was compiled from the Lists of Land Sold - Colony of Queensland as created by the Moreton Bay District Survey Office, New South Wales from 1842 to 1859. Read more...
  • Miners rights 1874 to 1880

    4 recent views 340 total views
    This index was compiled from the Registers of miners' rights and warden's collections as primarily created by the Warden’s Office at Maytown between 1874 and 1880. Read more...
  • Register of lands 1861 to 1868

    4 recent views 515 total views
    This index was created from the Register of Lands, 1861-1867 and Registers of Leases, 1866-1868 listing lands open for selection and portions of agricultural reserves under the...
  • Steam locomotive drawings and railway plans Popular

    58 recent views 2960 total views
    This dataset was compiled from record series relating to steam locomotive drawings, Series 17695, and to railway plans and sections, Series 17676 and Series 17692, as kept by...
  • Trustee files 1889 to 1929

    8 recent views 424 total views
    This index was complied from the Files for Trustees created as a result of the Trustees Act of 1889 by Queensland Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane from 1889 to 1929.

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