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  • Divorces 1861 to 1894

    6 recent views 466 total views
    This index was compiled from the Matrimonial petitions (otherwise known as divorce files) as created by the Supreme Court of Queensland, Southern District, Brisbane from 1861 to...
  • Writs 1857-2008

    8 recent views 197 total views
    Civil actions brought before the Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane. Includes divorce files 1894-1961. The file on each case contains the writ of summons and associated...
  • TB Home applications 1923 to 1932

    3 recent views 268 total views
    This index was compiled from the correspondence kept by the Queensland War Council between 1923 and 1932 in relation to homes for returned soldiers who were suffering from TB....
  • Equity files 1857 to 1899

    8 recent views 335 total views
    This index was compiled from equity files created by the Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane from 1857 to 1899. Equity files include liquidation of companies, gold...
  • Seamen 1882 to 1919

    2 recent views 350 total views
    This index was compiled from the Registers of seamen as kept by the Harbours and Rivers Department between 1882 and 1919. Read more about these registers.
  • Wills 1857 to 1940 Popular

    48 recent views 1264 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the ecclesiastical (will) files kept by the three Supreme Court Districts of Queensland (Northern, Central and Southern) between 1857 and 1940....
  • Nurses examinations 1915 to 1925

    4 recent views 387 total views
    This index was compiled from the Registers of nurses, with examination results, as kept by the Nurses Registration Board of Queensland between 1915 and 1925. Read more about...
  • Instruments of renunciation 1915 to 1983

    1 recent views 320 total views
    This index was compiled from instruments of renunciation files created by the Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane from 1915 to 1983. Instruments of renunciation are legal...
  • Immigration Agent Toowoomba 1880 to 1888

    7 recent views 267 total views
    This index was created from the register of immigrants by ship and destination, by the Immigration Agent Toowoomba, 1880 to 1888. The register contains names of immigrants, date...
  • Windsor Town Council Honour Roll 1914 to 1925

    4 recent views 210 total views
    This index was compiled from the Honour Roll kept by the Windsor Town Council between 1914 and 1925, and from additional soldier research completed by Queensland State Archives...
  • Discharged Soldier Settler Loans 1917-1919

    4 recent views 175 total views
    The Loan Register for discharged soldiers' loans records financial assistance to applicants for the purposes of erecting or purchasing dwelling houses under the Discharged...
  • Road and Bridge Job Files 1861-2017

    8 recent views 111 total views
    This series contains the microfilmed engineering drawings and other miscellaneous drawings of works, and other sundry items, undertaken by the Land Survey section of the...
  • Immigration 1922 to 1940 Popular

    108 recent views 5105 total views
    This index was compiled from the Registers of passenger lists of immigrant ships as created by the Immigration Department from 1922 to 1940. Read more about these immigration...
  • List of Queensland State Archives First World War records

    9 recent views 599 total views
    This index is an extract from Queensland State Archives’ Image Queensland database of digitised records relating to the outbreak of First World War (1914-1918) and the ensuing...
  • Farm Lads 1922-1940

    2 recent views 130 total views
    Names of boys under the Farm Lads migration scheme. Names are taken from correspondence between the Immigration Agent and prospective employers, farm learners (farm lads) and...
  • Corporate School Files - Works/Facilities (Works Establishment Files) 1871-1998

    5 recent views 85 total views
    This series comprises correspondence files relating to requests, lodged by various State Schools, for supplies, requisitions, equipment and building facilities (including...
  • Marine Infrastructure and Vessels 1860-2006

    3 recent views 97 total views
    This series comprises drawings of Queensland harbour infrastructure, including wharves, jetties, breakwaters, harbour roadworks and drainage, harbour buildings, storage, cranes...
  • Passage certificates 1887 to 1906

    8 recent views 638 total views
    This index was compiled from the Register of passage certificates kept by the Sub-Immigration Agent, Warwick, recording applications by sponsors of immigrants for the period...
  • Sugar Exemptions 1922-1923

    5 recent views 131 total views
    This series consists of a register kept by the Agriculture and Stock Department of Certificates of Exemptions granted (or refused) to Aliens under the Sugar Cultivation Act of...
  • Migrant Ship and Aircraft files 1947-1976

    3 recent views 136 total views
    These files record the particulars of travel of nominated / sponsored immigrants who came to Queensland between 1947 and 1976. Each file may include: a nominal roll of assisted...

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