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Maps and geospatial TXT

  • Property address Queensland -Text data package Popular

    24 recent views 378 total views
    Property address data is a digital index of property identifiers and the corresponding property descriptor (Lot on plan number). This dataset is an extract from the property...
  • Queensland borehole series Popular

    74 recent views 7575 total views
    The borehole data in this series are a digital representation of the distribution or locations of drill bore holes over the area. Analysis results are also included for some...
  • Survey control register - Queensland series Popular

    72 recent views 2719 total views
    These datasets contain records of Queensland's geodetic survey control information. The database provides for the effective management of the geodetic survey control information...
  • Groundwater Database - Queensland Popular

    450 recent views 29835 total views
    Database storing registered water bore data from private water bores and Queensland Government groundwater investigation and monitoring bores. Data includes bore location, water...
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Information System - Queensland

    5 recent views 447 total views
    Database storing aquatic ecosystem information captured by departmental projects around the state. Datasets stored include macroinvertabrates, fish, birds, frogs, riparian...
  • SILO Patched Point Data Popular

    13 recent views 329 total views
    The Patched Point Dataset (PPD) combines observations and interpolations to provide daily data for a selected set of stations (locations). The term 'patched' means that if on...
  • SILO climate database - vapour pressure - 9 am

    2 recent views 96 total views
    In the context of meteorological data, vapour pressure is the partial pressure of water vapour in the atmosphere. It is calculated by the Bureau of Meteorology from the dew...
  • SILO climate database - solar radiation Popular

    11 recent views 438 total views
    The solar radiation data provided by SILO are an estimate of the total incoming solar energy incident upon the Earth's surface at a given location. The estimate includes...
  • SILO climate database Popular

    84 recent views 1535 total views
    SILO is a Queensland Government database containing continuous daily climate data for Australia from 1889 to present, in a number of ready-to-use formats, suitable for modelling...
  • SILO climate database - evaporation - synthetic

    6 recent views 290 total views
    Synthetic evaporation data are used to supplement observed Class A pan evaporation data. Synthetic data are required owing to the limited availability of observed data,...
  • Road crash locations - Queensland Popular

    43 recent views 3134 total views
    This dataset shows the position of vehicular crash incidents in Queensland. This includes fatalities, injuries and vehicular damage. The point of truth for this dataset is the...
  • Transport and roads investment program 2015 - Queensland

    3 recent views 178 total views
    This dataset consists of the current and planned projects on state controlled roads in Queensland over the years 2015 to 2018.The point of truth for this dataset is the...
  • Transport and roads investment program 2014 - Queensland

    1 recent views 304 total views
    This dataset consists of the current and planned projects on state controlled roads in Queensland over the years 2014 to 2017.The point of truth for this dataset is the...
  • SILO climate database - evaporation - class A pan

    3 recent views 195 total views
    Evaporation is measured using a Class A evaporation pan which indicates the amount of water evaporating from bare ground or open water.
  • SILO climate database - maximum and minimum temperature

    9 recent views 235 total views
    The maximum and minimum temperatures are the highest and lowest temperatures (respectively) which occurred throughout the 24 hour period up to 9am. The observed minimum daily...
  • SILO climate database - daily and monthly rainfall Popular

    29 recent views 897 total views
    Daily rainfall is the total rainfall accumulated over the 24 hour period up until 9am on the day of observation. Monthly rainfall is the total rainfall accumulated over all days...
  • SILO climate database - mean sea level pressure - 9 am

    6 recent views 114 total views
    Observed air pressure is the atmospheric air pressure at the location of the recording station. The spatial variation in observed pressure can be reduced if the topographic...
  • Historical cadastral map series—Queensland Popular

    514 recent views 32283 total views
    Collection of digitised maps over Queensland at various scales 1841–2005, including cadastral maps which show property boundaries, property descriptions and land tenure, and...
  • Historical flood map series—Queensland Popular

    345 recent views 13169 total views
    Collection of flood and inundation maps over Queensland at various scales 1893-1974, these show flood levels and probable inundation areas at various flood heights. A number of...

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