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  • Arts grants expenditure

    7 recent views 541 total views
    List of grants awarded by Arts Queensland
  • Arts Leverage – arts and cultural investment

    1 recent views 134 total views
    Funding provided through the Arts Leverage Fund. The Arts Leverage Fund works to promote private sector giving by matching eligible cash sponsorship and philanthropy dollar for...
  • Arts Peer Assessors

    2 recent views 266 total views
    Peer Assessors assess applications against criteria and moderate with consideration of: available funding; balance across art forms; geographic spread; target groups and...
  • Projects and Programs - arts and cultural investment

    6 recent views 385 total views
    Funding approved through Arts Queensland programs for arts and cultural activities by an individual, organisation or collective.
  • Innovation – arts and cultural investment

    4 recent views 147 total views
    Funding provided through the Arts Business Innovation Fund (ABIF). ABIF is an initiative of the Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland and the Tim Fairfax Family...

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