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Housing and Public Works GovHack 2018

  • QBCC Licensed Contractors Register Popular

    333 recent views 17460 total views
    Register of licensed builders, trade contractors, designers, nominees, site supervisors and occupational licence holders maintained by the Queensland Building and Construction...
  • Residential Services registered with the Department of Housing and Public Works Popular

    248 recent views 3733 total views
    List of locations of residential services, boarding houses, aged rentals, supported accommodation.
  • Queensland Government mobile apps Popular

    44 recent views 2307 total views
    List of mobile apps developed by Queensland Government and partners.
  • Government owned and leased properties-space and facilities management Popular

    34 recent views 1110 total views
    Facilities and space management of government owned and leased properties.
  • Coloured and asiatic aliens in Queensland 1913

    5 recent views 669 total views
    This index was compiled from the correspondence relating to non-British subjects living in various Queensland Police Districts as kept by the Chief Secretary's Office in 1913....
  • Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1875 to 1884 Popular

    33 recent views 1797 total views
    This index was compiled from the registers of rations issued by the Assistant Immigration Agent, Maryborough for the period 1875 to 1884.
  • Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1884 to 1907

    7 recent views 597 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the register of prospective nominated immigrants and from the correspondence and papers for nominated immigrations created by the Assistant...
  • Assisted immigration 1848 to 1912 Popular

    970 recent views 31503 total views
    These indexes were created from the Registers of immigrant ships’ arrivals in Queensland ports as kept and used by the Immigration Department from 1848 to 1912. Read more about...
  • Naturalisations 1851 to 1904 Popular

    120 recent views 8672 total views
    This index was created from various records detailing the names of those who took oaths of allegiance to be naturalised as created by the Supreme Court across Queensland as well...
  • National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

    8 recent views 1120 total views
    Tabulated data on number of new households assisted with the NRAS in Queensland. Information is broken down by household composition and Local Government Authority.
  • Google Analytics data (2017/18 FY)

    3 recent views 169 total views
    Google Analytics data for the Queensland Government website ( (Date range: 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018)
  • Card index to nominated immigrants 1908 to 1922 Popular

    181 recent views 8760 total views
    This index was compiled from the card index to personal files for nominated immigrants as created and used by the Immigration Department between 1908 and 1922. Read more about...
  • Immigration Agent Toowoomba 1880 to 1888

    4 recent views 275 total views
    This index was created from the register of immigrants by ship and destination, by the Immigration Agent Toowoomba, 1880 to 1888. The register contains names of immigrants, date...
  • Windsor Town Council Honour Roll 1914 to 1925

    2 recent views 212 total views
    This index was compiled from the Honour Roll kept by the Windsor Town Council between 1914 and 1925, and from additional soldier research completed by Queensland State Archives...
  • Discharged Soldier Settler Loans 1917-1919

    4 recent views 177 total views
    The Loan Register for discharged soldiers' loans records financial assistance to applicants for the purposes of erecting or purchasing dwelling houses under the Discharged...
  • Immigration 1922 to 1940 Popular

    89 recent views 5263 total views
    This index was compiled from the Registers of passenger lists of immigrant ships as created by the Immigration Department from 1922 to 1940. Read more about these immigration...
  • List of Queensland State Archives First World War records

    6 recent views 608 total views
    This index is an extract from Queensland State Archives’ Image Queensland database of digitised records relating to the outbreak of First World War (1914-1918) and the ensuing...
  • Farm Lads 1922-1940

    7 recent views 144 total views
    Names of boys under the Farm Lads migration scheme. Names are taken from correspondence between the Immigration Agent and prospective employers, farm learners (farm lads) and...
  • Passage certificates 1887 to 1906

    9 recent views 654 total views
    This index was compiled from the Register of passage certificates kept by the Sub-Immigration Agent, Warwick, recording applications by sponsors of immigrants for the period...
  • Migrant Ship and Aircraft files 1947-1976

    3 recent views 141 total views
    These files record the particulars of travel of nominated / sponsored immigrants who came to Queensland between 1947 and 1976. Each file may include: a nominal roll of assisted...

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