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  • Customer Impact Survey 2015

    3 recent views 3 total views
    Survey of use of Queensland Government online services by a weighted sample of 1140 Queensland businesses.
  • Steam locomotive drawings and railway plans Popular

    276 recent views 276 total views
    This dataset was compiled from record series relating to steam locomotive drawings, Series 17695, and to railway plans and sections, Series 17676 and Series 17692, as kept by...
  • Register of immigrants, Brisbane 1885 to 1917 Popular

    62 recent views 1475 total views
    This index was compiled from the Registers of immigrants per ship that landed at the Immigration Depot, Brisbane as created by the Immigration Department for the period 1885 to...
  • Passage certificates 1887 to 1906

    9 recent views 322 total views
    This index was compiled from the Register of passage certificates kept by the Sub-Immigration Agent, Warwick, recording applications by sponsors of immigrants for the period...
  • Land orders 1862 to 1878 Popular

    20 recent views 27 total views
    This index was compiled from a series of registers relating to land orders issued to immigrants to Queensland by the Immigration Department during the period 1862 to 1878. Read...
  • Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1884 to 1907

    7 recent views 302 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the register of prospective nominated immigrants and from the correspondence and papers for nominated immigrations created by the Assistant...
  • St Helena prisoners 1863 to 1936 Popular

    11 recent views 320 total views
    This index records the names of all prisoners who were held at St Helena Penal Establishment between 1863 and 1936. Read more about these St Helena records.
  • Convict register (chronological) 1824 to 1839 Popular

    12 recent views 560 total views
    These indexes were compiled from the Chronological register of convicts (Crown prisoners) at Moreton Bay penal settlement as kept by the Commandant's Office, Moreton Bay, from...
  • Queensland Government contracts directory—supplier procurement arrangements Popular

    114 recent views 5288 total views
    A directory of the supply of goods and services that provides high level information about the arrangements.
  • Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1875 to 1884 Popular

    20 recent views 560 total views
    This index was compiled from the registers of rations issued by the Assistant Immigration Agent, Maryborough for the period 1875 to 1884.
  • Trustee files 1889 to 1929

    4 recent views 290 total views
    This index was complied from the Files for Trustees created as a result of the Trustees Act of 1889 by Queensland Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane from 1889 to 1929.
  • Register of Court Fees Marburg 1885 to 1908

    4 recent views 16 total views
    This index was compiled from the Register of Fees created by the Court of Petty Sessions Marburg during the period 1885 to 1908.
  • Paediatric emergency departments Popular

    11 recent views 849 total views
    Summary files of 3 paediatric emergency departments with information on activity and performance measures by hospital for the latest month for patients under 14. Hospital...
  • Soldier Settlement ledgers 1917 to 1929

    3 recent views 20 total views
    This index was compiled from the Soldier Settlement ledgers for individual settlers from Coominya, Cecil Plains, Maria Creek and Mount Gravatt as created by the Lands Department...
  • Rents payable on pastoral runs 1860 to 1911

    6 recent views 20 total views
    This index was compiled from the registers of rent payable on the resumed parts of runs and the ledgers of rent payment for pastoral runs as created by the Treasury Department...
  • Register of pastoral holdings 1863 to 1880

    3 recent views 202 total views
    This index was compiled from the Alphabetical Register of Pastoral Holdings, 1863 to 1880, as kept by the Lands Department, recording the names of early pastoral holdings (known...
  • Register of lands sold 1849 to 1861

    5 recent views 231 total views
    This index was compiled from the Register of lands sold as created by the Surveyor General’s Department between 1849 and 1861. Read more about this land register.
  • DJAG—ICT Dashboard

    5 recent views 1347 total views
    Department of Justice and Attorney-General ICT project and program information published on the ICT Dashboard
  • Register of lands 1861 to 1868

    4 recent views 311 total views
    This index was created from the Register of Lands, 1861-1867 and Registers of Leases, 1866-1868 listing lands open for selection and portions of agricultural reserves under the...
  • Register of land sold 1842 to 1859

    4 recent views 349 total views
    This index was compiled from the Lists of Land Sold - Colony of Queensland as created by the Moreton Bay District Survey Office, New South Wales from 1842 to 1859. Read more...

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