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  • BoatSafe training organisations

    5 recent views 474 total views
    The following dataset contains details on the Department of Transport and Main Roads approved BoatSafe training organisations.
  • Programmed vehicle inspections Popular

    20 recent views 857 total views
    Data relating to vehicle inspections performed by transport inspectors. These inspections are performed at regular intervals to comply with legislation.
  • Monthly Supervised Driving Experience Books Approved

    6 recent views 324 total views
    Monthly number of approved supervised driving experience books (Learner Driver Logbooks).
  • Smartcard replacements Popular

    17 recent views 554 total views
    Number of monthly smartcard replacements by reason and type.
  • Monthly Registration Renewals by Term and Payment Lag Popular

    16 recent views 464 total views
    Monthly number of Registration Renewals by Term and Payment Lag.
  • Practical driving tests Popular

    89 recent views 4705 total views
    Practical driving examination results for customers by local government authority (LGA), licence class, booking type and driver age group.
  • New business registration transactions by service location Popular

    11 recent views 741 total views
    Data detailing the number of new business registration transactions by month, vehicle make, vehicle model, service location suburb and service location postcode. Note: New...
  • QLDTraffic GeoJSON API Popular

    56 recent views 5325 total views
    Traffic and road condition information captured in the QLDTraffic system is available for use by external developers via GeoJSON feeds. These feeds cover Hazards, Crashes,...
  • General transit feed specification (GTFS)—South East Queensland Popular

    52 recent views 7849 total views
    Timetable data and stop locations for all available TransLink division South East Queensland (SEQ) urban bus, rail and ferry services.
  • TMR—ICT Dashboard Popular

    17 recent views 3123 total views
    The list of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled initiatives within the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and their reported status. This data...
  • Traffic infringements issued Popular

    28 recent views 802 total views
    Count of all charge offences and infringement notices issued in Queensland from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2018 by QPS Region and District, offence type, code and description.
  • General transit feed specification (GTFS)—qconnect Popular

    60 recent views 7141 total views
    Timetable data and stop locations for all available TransLink divison urban bus services.
  • Road location and traffic data Popular

    217 recent views 9322 total views
    This dataset contains Department of Transport and Main Roads road location details (both spatial and through distance) as well as associated traffic data. It allows users to...
  • Crash data from Queensland roads Popular

    488 recent views 27909 total views
    Overview: Information on location and characteristics of crashes in Queensland for all reported Road Traffic Crashes occurred from 1 January 2001 to 30 June 2018, Fatal Road...
  • Customer service centre wait times Popular

    34 recent views 2031 total views
    Wait time and serve time for customers that attended a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre.
  • Average Bicycle Counts by Day and Hour Popular

    25 recent views 1300 total views
    This dataset contains average counts of bicycle traffic by hour of the day and day of the week. Data is collected from bicycle counters across approximately 14 active transport...
  • QFleet government leased vehicle fleet Popular

    29 recent views 4031 total views
    Profile of the active leased vehicle fleet managed by QFleet.
  • TransLink Origin-Destination Trips Popular

    65 recent views 2691 total views
    TransLink Public Transport Origin-Destination Trips
  • Queensland Travel Survey 2017-18 Popular

    39 recent views 315 total views
    A household survey collecting travel behaviour for a 24 hour period from randomly approached households, collected across the 2017-18 financial year.
  • State controlled road length—total rural lane kilometres

    7 recent views 456 total views
    Total length of rural lanes on the state-controlled road network in kilometres. Please note: This dataset has been updated as of 16/11/2018.

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