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  • Conservation status of Queensland wildlife Popular

    36 recent views 2843 total views
    The names and conservation statuses of Queensland flora, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and some fish and invertebrate groups based on DES’s WildNet database. The...
  • Queensland Confidential Species Popular

    25 recent views 980 total views
    The list of confidential species from the Queensland Government’s WildNet database. The list is developed by the Department of Environment and Science to manage the release of...
  • Qld wildlife data API Popular

    102 recent views 9038 total views
    This API accesses QLD Government's WildNet data that has been approved for public release. There are a number of functions that retrieve species names, profiles, notes,...
  • WildNet Koala Locations Popular

    16 recent views 566 total views
    Lists a summary of the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) locations approved for public release from the WildNet database that were extracted using the Get surveys by species...
  • Koala Hospital Data Popular

    12 recent views 475 total views
    This dataset contains raw data extracted from the Department Of Environment and Heritage Protection's koala records database (KoalaBase) between April 1996 - February 2017

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