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Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

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CSV property

  • Titles registry activity Popular

    59 recent views 4357 total views
    A statistical summary of searches and transactions in the titles registry.
  • Water entitlements Popular

    126 recent views 5943 total views
    Information about water licences across Queensland
  • Historical trends in land valuations Popular

    83 recent views 7683 total views
    These tables show the overall changes in statutory land values since the previous annual valuation. NV indicates that the local government area was not valued in that year. For...
  • Historical cadastral map series—Queensland Popular

    503 recent views 32207 total views
    Collection of digitised maps over Queensland at various scales 1841–2005, including cadastral maps which show property boundaries, property descriptions and land tenure, and...
  • Annual property valuation objections Popular

    17 recent views 1638 total views
    Objection rates as a % of total valuations issued for the annual valuation in each local government area in Queensland. For more information, read about Statutory land valuations.
  • Historical flood map series—Queensland Popular

    348 recent views 13114 total views
    Collection of flood and inundation maps over Queensland at various scales 1893-1974, these show flood levels and probable inundation areas at various flood heights. A number of...

Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

Enables the productive and responsible use of Queensland’s natural resources—water, land, mineral and energy resources—and provides a modernised natural resources business that will power-up regional Queensland.

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