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Natural Resources and Mines

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  • Upcoming fireworks displays Popular

    84 recent views 3104 total views
    List of current fireworks displays in or near your area. Contact the regional inspectorates if you have any concerns about fireworks activities in your area or if you require...
  • Titles registry activity Popular

    40 recent views 2343 total views
    A statistical summary of searches and transactions in the titles registry.
  • Cadastral data - Queensland series Popular

    70 recent views 1806 total views
    The Digital Cadastre DataBase (DCDB) is the spatial representation of the property boundaries in Queensland and their related property descriptions. It is a fundamental...
  • Property address Queensland -data package Popular

    51 recent views 2308 total views
    Property address data is a digital index of property identifiers and the corresponding property descriptor (Lot on plan number). This dataset is an extract from the property...
  • Place names gazetteer - Queensland Popular

    10 recent views 1704 total views
    This is the list of approved place names as per the Qld Place Names Act 1994. The gazetteer is extracted from the place names database (PNDB) where each place name is...
  • Locality boundaries - Queensland Popular

    40 recent views 2773 total views
    The locality boundaries dataset is the spatial representation of bounded localities (includes suburbs) of Queensland. These are the official locality names and boundaries used...
  • Local government area boundaries - Queensland Popular

    46 recent views 3307 total views
    The spatial representation of local government areas in Queensland.
  • Baseline roads and tracks - Queensland Popular

    33 recent views 1723 total views
    This dataset represents street centrelines of Queensland developed in compliance with the provisions of the Queensland Spatial Information Infrastructure Strategy (QSIIS)...
  • Vegetation Management Act series Popular

    34 recent views 5307 total views
    This series contains eight spatial resource records used for the assessment of relevant activities under the Vegetation Management Act 1999
  • Built features - Queensland series

    9 recent views 520 total views
    This is a series of datasets covering the State of Queensland displaying built features (non transport). Features are attributed with source information and names where...
  • Rural properties - Queensland Popular

    251 recent views 6509 total views
    This dataset has been compiled from numerous sources to produce to the best of our knowledge a dataset that displays the extent of named rural properties (horticultural or...
  • Gifts and benefits register—Department of Natural Resources and Mines

    1 recent views 278 total views
    Gifts and benefits valued at more than $150 that have been given and received by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and its employees. Updated quarterly.
  • Historical orthophoto map series—Queensland Popular

    39 recent views 1352 total views
    Collection of digitised orthophoto maps over Queensland at various scales 1975–1996. An orthophoto map displays traditional map contours over an aerial photograph base. The...
  • Historical topographic map series—Queensland Popular

    71 recent views 1987 total views
    Collection of digitised topographic maps over Queensland at various scales 1886–2012, which show graphic representations of features including relief, hydrography, vegetation,...
  • Historical flood map series—Queensland Popular

    34 recent views 112 total views
    Collection of flood and inundation maps over Queensland at various scales 1893-1974, these show flood levels and probable inundation areas at various flood heights. A number of...
  • Historical cadastral map series—Queensland Popular

    287 recent views 14219 total views
    Collection of digitised maps over Queensland at various scales 1841–2005, including cadastral maps which show property boundaries, property descriptions and land tenure, and...
  • Historical exploration map series—Australia Popular

    12 recent views 204 total views
    Collection of digitised early exploration maps relating to Australia. Note: The CSV includes basic metadata about each map in the series and a URL to access a high resolution...
  • Annual coal statistics Popular

    57 recent views 3169 total views
    Annual statistical coal mining data produced for the Queensland mining industry. Spreadsheets of raw coal and saleable coal production by region, overburden, Queensland...
  • Quarterly coal reports Popular

    21 recent views 2010 total views
    Statistical coal mining data produced for the Queensland mining industry. Spreadsheets of raw coal and saleable coal production by region, Queensland distribution, interstate...
  • Queensland Globe Popular

    698 recent views 77966 total views
    Queensland Globe allows you to view and explore Queensland maps, imagery and other spatial data inside the Google Earth™ application. For further information on the Queensland...

Natural Resources and Mines

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) is committed to ensure Queenslanders benefit from the productive, sustainable use of the state's natural resources - our land, water and minerals. The management of the state's natural resources is central to delivering economic, environmental and social benefits to all Queenslanders. The department also provides support for the safety and health of all Queensland miners and people working in allied industries.

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