Landsat Foliage Projective Cover - Queensland 2014

Foliage Projective Cover (FPC) is the percentage of ground area occupied by the vertical projection of foliage. The Remote Sensing Centre FPC mapping is based on regression models applied to dry season (May to October) Landsat-5 TM, Landsat-7 ETM and Landsat-8 OLI imagery for the period 1988-2014. An annual woody spectral index image is created for each year using a multiple regression model trained from field data collected mostly over the period 1996-1999. A robust regression of the time series of the annual woody spectral index is then performed. The estimated foliage projective cover is the prediction at the date of the selected dry season image for 2014. Where this deviates significantly from the woody spectral index for that date, further tests are undertaken before this estimate is accepted. In some cases, the final estimate is the woody spectral index value rather than the robust regressionprediction. The product is further masked to remove areasclassified as non-woody (see Landsat Woody Vegetation Extent - Queensland 2014). Corrections have been applied to remove errors due to topographic effects, cloud, cloud shadow, water, cropping, and regrowth following clearing. Some errors may remain. The product was generated from WRS-2 path/row scenes obtained from the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

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