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  • Titles registry activity Popular

    26 recent views 885 total views
    A statistical summary of searches and transactions in the titles registry.
  • Land tenure statistical information Popular

    36 recent views 631 total views
    Statistical summary of State land tenures in Queensland
  • Australian Agricultural College Corporation Asset Register Popular

    12 recent views 79 total views
    Australian Agricultural College Corporation Asset Register Note: The Australian Agricultural College Corporation (AACC) changed its name to Queensland Agricultural Training...
  • Survey plan count Popular

    16 recent views 334 total views
    The number of plans and types of survey plans lodged in the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.
  • Body Corporate and Community Management - Dispute Resolution Applications

    9 recent views 127 total views
    BCCM Dispute Resolution Applications received by the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (this consists of applications for Final Order and/or...
  • Rural properties - Queensland Popular

    60 recent views 531 total views
    This dataset shows the extent of named Rural Properties (horticultural or agricultural farms) within the State of Queensland. The data has been compiled from numerous sources to...
  • Priority Development Area Development Approvals Popular

    12 recent views 179 total views
    Priority Development Area Development Approvals including application type, proposal details, type of approval, address of site, property description and decision date as at 30...
  • Landmark areas - Queensland Popular

    14 recent views 137 total views
    This dataset shows the extent and names of Abattoirs, Detention Centres, Educational Institutions (e.g. Schools, Universities) Hospitals, Oil Refineries, Power Generation...
  • Rental bond data Popular

    44 recent views 955 total views
    Bond lodgement data for general tenancies and rooming accommodation.
  • State land application statistics

    3 recent views 356 total views
    Under the Land Act 1994 all changes to land dealings must be submitted on relevant applcation forms. The Department of Natural Resources and Mines records all applications in a...
  • Annual property valuation objections

    8 recent views 395 total views
    Objection rates as a % of total valuations issued for the annual valuation in each local government area in Queensland. For more information, read about Statutory land valuations.
  • Historical trends in land valuations Popular

    41 recent views 573 total views
    These tables show the overall changes in statutory land values since the previous annual valuation. NV indicates that the local government area was not valued in that year. For...
  • Government owned and leased properties-space and facilities management

    5 recent views 289 total views
    Facilities and space management of government owned and leased properties.
  • Foreign ownership of land Popular

    32 recent views 1866 total views
    Total value of all acquisitions recorded in the Foreign Ownership of Land Register.

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